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Karen Halewood

Karen Halewood AKA Amodali is a multimedia artist using sound, extended vocal techniques, performance, illustration, typography, mixed-media collage, video, and sculpture to explore esotericism, sexuality, embodiment, feminism and posthuman philosophy. Her work is currently focused upon excavating the phenomenology of altered states of consciousness and recording the embodied, material traces produced through ritualized, occult practices and erotic, alchemical experimentation.

Karen Halewood, Angels, Angles, Anarchy’. Mixed-media, modular Installation/multimedia performance space. Karen Halewood, ‘Vitriol Cuts’. Large Print. Karen Halewood, ‘Ouroboric Gestation’ exhibition documentation. Karen Halewood, ‘Ouroboric Gestation’ exhibition documentation.

Geogamicas: Galvah

You can view the The Geogamicas: Galvah short film here:

Geogamicas: Galvah

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