MA Art in Science

Anna Roberts

Anna Roberts’ art-science practice involves the use of sculpture and augmented reality to communicate cutting edge medical research to the publics. Her undergraduate degree in Art History provided her with a broad knowledge of theories and movements including Surrealism and psychology. An interest in how the brain works drove Anna to explore art-neuroscience connections, specifically related to nature and treatment of diseases of the brain.

Glioblastoma: The Weed of the Brain

“Glioblastoma: The Weed of the Brain” aims to visualise complexities of the incurable brain tumour Glioblastoma Multiforme, and the role that technology and nature can play in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with the cancer.

This exhibition comprises five intertwined artworks that highlight manifestations of Glioblastoma through the behaviour of a growing Bacopa Monnieri plant, which can be used as a potential treatment.

Anna Roberts, Angiogenesis Anna Roberts, Blooming Tumour Anna Roberts, Invasion Anna Roberts, Inside Your Mind
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