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Niamh Cusack

Metamorph has been developed with the aim to improve the health of its users, viewing health not simply as one’s physical self but also mental, social, and environmental aspects. Envisaging a future where smart garments are worn daily, Metamorph aims to produce smart apparel with embedded sensors that empowers its users to connect with themselves, each other, and their environment in a more enhanced way. The sensors collect data on physical and environmental parameters, such as oxygen levels, heart rate, motion and GPS, informing wearers of alterations they can make to their lifestyles and improve their health.

Metamorph: Are you ready to transform?

Metamorph: Are you ready to transform? is a futuristic research project exploring the possibility to improve our mental health in the Metaverse by connecting users via smart-apparel worn by both the user and a digital twin.

Metamorph is a novel solution to enhance our self-esteem and self-image when interacting in the Metaverse. It aims to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness by incorporating technology into real-world garments that connects users to a digital twin wearing the same garments. The intention is to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, using the connectivity of the internet to improve users’ connections with themselves, their environment, and other users in the Metaverse.

The connection is established between the real world and digital garments via sensors imbedded into the users’ real-world garments, which enables environmental changes and responses to virtual interactions in the Metaverse to be relayed back to the real-world user. For example, if the user’s digital twin is hugged by a friend in the metaverse, they will feel that hug in real life, or they can feel the temperature of a virtual room.

Image 1: Metamorph: Are you ready to transform?
Image 2: Digitise yourself and your clothing
Image 3: Experience the Metaverse via your apparel

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