Architecture creates real world experiences and whilst digital communication skills are an integral part of our programme we are delighted to conclude the academic year with a physical show of drawings and models. These pages capture some of this work but little of the dynamics between our students, staff team, guests and the wider world that informed its creation.

 This year we have a strong cohort of students who started their studies during lockdown, but completed them in our studios and workshops and 24 hour library facilities.  Study trips to Scotland, the Lake District and Amsterdam, along with an active Student Society have all contributed to the experience of the last year . Our BA(Hons) Architecture programme continues to create competent, creative and confident graduates ready to commence a career in design or explore opportunities beyond it.


BA (Hons) Architecture
1 / 3
BA (Hons) Architecture
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BA (Hons) Architecture
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Day Johnson
Claudia Luca
Dylan Meaghan
Juan Kneen
Will Stockley


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