MA Art in Science

Niamh Smith

Niamh Smith is a Scouse artist who chose to revisit art after obtaining a BSc Animal Behaviour degree. She uses her practice to explore and understand complex and often difficult or taboo concepts.

The Outer Layer

This project features autoethnographic encounters with the artist’s own skin, to respond to and challenge the self and structural stigma surrounding the appearance of ageing skin.

Niamh has been exploring self-stigma related to the appearance of ageing skin through sculpture and painting, including taking latex impressions of their own skin and reflective journaling based on this process and investigation of the ‘skin petals’. These petals appear similar to petals of flowers, which are commonly viewed as beautiful. The presentation of this process takes the form of an online blog and performative exhibition display that invites strangers to handle and investigate Niamh’s stigmatised 'skin'. It is hoped that participating will encourage people to reflect upon their relationship with their own skin as well as the stigma attached to its ageing.

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