WORK 2021-2024

WORK 2021-2024 is the 2024 BA Fine Art degree show and brings together the work of final year students in painting, print, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, video, sound, and performance. The exhibition celebrates and reflects the disciplinary diversity of the BA Fine Art programme, and the varied, rich terrain of contemporary art practice represented by our community. Included in the exhibition are works that examine politics, mainstream and popular culture, sciences, gaming, and philosophy, as much as they engage with the material and formal concerns of process and technique, colour, tone, and form.

The title, WORK 2021-2024 holds significance for each student participating, and pays tribute to the daily labour of artistic practice and expansive experiences of the programme from 2021 to now. Produced this year, the artworks presented are a testament to the students’ technical, conceptual, and research skills, developed throughout the 3-year degree programme, punctuated by in-house and external exhibitions that have honed their sensibilities of display and peer support.

While their education in the studio environment has been key to the development of their practices, so too has their exposure to Liverpool’s unique culture and broad artistic community. Guest lectures by some of the most exciting artists, curators, and art writers working worldwide have complimented the influence of the city, and global perspectives on art history and critical theory have influenced the works on exhibition.

The BA Fine Art programme at Liverpool School of Art and Design is led and delivered by staff devoted to the subject. Their disciplinary and pedagogical expertise is reflected in their research profiles, and grounds the programme’s encouragement of students to be ambitious, innovative and – as WORK 2021-2024 demonstrates – creative and critical thinkers ready for the challenges ahead.

BA Fine Art is taught by Peter Appleton, Adam Carr, Fran Disley, Dr Sarah James, Ashley Holmes, Hardeep Pandhal, Roy Claire Potter, Dr James Schofield, Dr Imogen Stidworthy, Dr Mark Wright, Bedwyr Williams. Programme Leader: Maggie Ayliffe


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