MA Graphic Design & Illustration

Cat Blain

Cat Blain is a MA Graphic Design & Illustration student at Liverpool School of Art and her practice explores the use of typography and visual identity. As a typographer, she loves to find, create, and highlight typefaces in various forms from print to motion. Her design practice aims to express her love for typography as well as her interest in editorial design, brand identity and motion graphics.

Typeface of Liverpool

Typefaces of Liverpool is a project exploring the variety of typefaces that have been found in Liverpool over time, from the 1960s to the current day.

The project consists of three publications, each exploring a different theme: Old Liverpool, Liverpool F.C. and Streets of Liverpool. It investigates the collection of type and communication in Liverpool and how it was/is/could be presented (exploring the past, present and future of typefaces in Liverpool).
The publications have also been displayed on the website ‘CAT + TYPE’ so that the image/type layouts can be viewed online.

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