MA Graphic Design & Illustration

Salma Hafez

Salma Hafez is an Egyptian multidisciplinary artist whose work spans animation, illustration, design and sequential art. Recently, she has been experimenting with Augmented reality as a creative output for her practices. In Egypt, She runs Daad Geem; an all-female art collective along with 4 of her close friends. They are dedicated to providing their community with high quality art prints and collectables.

Scenes From Khayamia

"Khayamia" is the traditional Egyptian craft of tent making. The term "khayamiya" comes from the Arabic word خيمة "khayma," which means tent. The craft involves creating colorful appliqué textiles by hand stitching various pieces of fabric together. The craftspeople usually reside in Old Cairo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing settlements pre-dating the founding of Cairo in 969 AD. This AR poster was created as an homage to Cairo's khayamiya craftspeople.

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