MA Fine Art

Elena Platt

Elena explores the meaning behind pursuing the unknown through a process- based practice; playing, intuiting, failing, continuing. Her daily drawing practice functions as a mode of immediate observation and improvisation, which seeks to unveil the imperfections of human nature. Combined with her interests in spontaneity and live performance, Elena expands her inner voice into a multimedia language.

How might objects, elements, performers and an audience exchange? How might the internal world exchange with the external? When differing fields improvise and interact with one another, an interdependent and immersive flow can flourish. The known lets in the unknown. Familiarity opens up to chance. Precision harmonises with spontaneity. Here the continuous line serves as an immediate and subjective timeline where fragments and imperfections of everyday humanity are captured, adapted and exposed. Upon completion, the lines contribute to an ever-expanding sequence of the past, whilst providing means for a new exchange, now, in the present moment.

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