MA Fine Art

Kieran Brimm

Kieran Brimm’s practice explores the Expanded Field of painting. Pushing the boundaries between both painting and sculpture, to discover where painting situates itself within contemporary Fine Art practice, and the uncertainty of the medium after the invention of photography and its development into the digital world. Focusing on the strive of artists to explore new means of painting to combine mediums, ultimately resulting in the combination of painting and sculpture. In which revisits the artwork from the classical world in which artists form Ancient Rome and Greece painted their sculptures often in bright and vibrant colors using wax to achieve incredible realism. However, due to the neglect of the sculptures after the fall of the Roman Empire the paint was mostly washed off. Leading us to believe that the sculptures were always the pure white marble busts that we see today and creating this separation of the mediums.

Through the rejection of illusionistic content, mimicry, and optical space, within the painting’s the project aims to challenge the fundamentals and traditional norms of painting. Therefore, what is presented is works that lie on the border of painting and sculpture, in terms of the absence of pigment, three dimensionality, materiality and sculptural quality or Objecthood of painting. However, through its use of traditional materials such as oil paint, linseed oil, canvas, wood, and rabbit skin glue, the practice refers to traditional painting. However, by tearing back the canvas and reviling the physicality of the canvas structure, bringing a narrative to the wall behind the painting and expressing the paintings sculptural form, as well as playing with the relationship between the wall and the floor, creating multiple viewpoints and expressing the materiality of painterly materials.

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