MA Fine Art

James Hurdwell

James Hurdwell's practice is diverse in its scope and questions the inter-relational spaces between the artist, artwork, audience and context. His process examines the parameters of visual language and we are invited to take part. The 3 works installed contemplate birth, life and death. The black motif deployed in the work, facilitates discourse for his collaborative projects. Made with the building in mind, the triptych of works include subjects such as birdlife, the bible, magnetism, carpentry, nature and rhombi. Drawing on Bill Viola’s ‘Nantes Triptych’ (‘92), Hurdwell’s work offers us his take on life, work and death.
The plumbline hangs here as a measure, our civilized world has grown around it, we owe much to this humble tool. In the nesting boxes, a red wool lines the base in preparation and it waits. The floor tape outlines a figure. marking absence. We are left to wonder.

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