MA Exhibition Studies

Elizabeth Challinor

Elizabeth Challinor is a curator and occasional artist from Liverpool, whose practice and research focuses on curating through conversation, communication, language, collaboration, and exploring the importance of process over final outcome.

This research project focused on establishing a collaborative methodology and structure for curating exhibitions, considering the roles of and relationships between curators and artists throughout this process, and then make this methodology the forefront of its own exhibition to showcase curatorial development in a more visible, public setting.

The first part of this project was an initial series of collaborative exhibitions , which took place from January to April 2023, and resulted in 3 separate exhibitions: “Shiny Corridor” with Amy Cadwallader and Beth Wise (Feb 2023), “Passage” with Ami Zanders and Liv Vacanti (March 2023), and “Conversations with Painting” with Mia Cathcart and Sophie Bakserville (April 2023). All the work, conversations, notes, research and development that went into forming these exhibitions were meticulously recorded and documented as the projects went on, in preparation for the next stage of the project.

The second part focused on the final exhibition, “From Point A to Point B” (June 2023), with the intention of bringing the curatorial methods used for the previous exhibitions back to the forefront of the project. The purpose of this exhibition was to present an overview of the previous series of exhibitions, along with the structures put in place to curate in collaboration with the artists.

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